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Want to learn about your retired racer's previous life?  Tenoroc High School, in Lakeland, FL, takes you behind the scenes in their documentary, Greyhounds: From Farm to Couch.

‚ÄčID Tags

We have partnered with Dog Tag Art to make sure our foster dogs are identifiable with stylish tags.  If you are looking for a custom dog tag for your hound, check out their website.  And YES, they have greyhound specific tags, or you can upload your own picture to design your tag!

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Find out more about the life of a racing greyhound here.

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Trace your retired hound's lineage and follow their racing career here.

Join the National Greyhound Association and the Florida Greyhound Association to support these wonderful hounds and the greyhound industry.

Follow your favorite active racers, set up a virtual kennel, and watch live racing here.