Awesome Greyhound Documentary

Volunteers Cat-Test at Suncoast Farms

GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoptions visited Suncoast Farms to pick up fosters from their kennel in Dover.  Cat testing, vetting, and fostering is a time-consuming effort, but so rewarding, when you see the hounds with their new families!  If you're interested in fostering, or know someone who is, please contact us; we're always looking for foster homes!  The more foster homes we have, the more hounds we can get adopted!!  See our "Foster Homes" page for more information. 

GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption

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Students at Tenoroc High School, in Lakeland, FL, had the opportunity to visit Derby Lane race track in St. Petersburg and two farms in Ocala to experience, first-hand, the lives of racing greyhounds.  They take you behind the scenes in their documentary.

Greyhounds: From Farm to Couch.