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If you’ve ever thought about adopting a greyhound, but are nervous about committing to full ownership, or if you’d simply like to volunteer to help out our Adoption Group, fostering may be right for you! GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption's goal is to place Greyhounds in homes that will benefit the dog and pet owner. Since we don’t use a kennel to house our available hounds, foster homes are the backbone of our Adoption Group, and are always needed! By becoming a Foster “Parent”, you volunteer to provide a valuable transition from Racing Kennel to Adoptive Home for the Greyhound by providing temporary, loving care until they are adopted and on their way to their “Forever” home with their new family.  Without foster homes, our work could not continue. 

The rewards of fostering a greyhound cannot be adequately expressed in words and far exceed the effort required. You will become an ambassador for greyhound adoption; everywhere you go with your dog, people will stop you to ask questions about the breed and your experiences with them.  Take full advantage of this; it will help us place more dogs in loving homes! The most frequent comment about fostering is, “I’m afraid I’ll get too attached.”  Just remember, “if you adopt, you love one; if you foster, you love many!” It’s true, people in our Group have “Failed Fostering”, but continue to foster… It is a hard, often emotional trip, in relatively uncharted waters, but there are great compensations. Perhaps the hardest moment comes at adoption time, when the foster family will say goodbye to their house-guest. However, sending them to their permanent homes, to join their forever family, is an amazing reward. Additionally, you can rest assured that whenever you may meet again, you’ll be greeted as only old friends can!

If you think you may be interested, please find a link below to FAQ’s about fostering greyhounds. After reading, if you feel fostering is right for you, please fill out a Foster Application to submit to GST's Sunstate Greyhound Adoptions. If approved, you will also sign a Foster Agreement before you are placed with your first hound.

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For more information on becoming a foster home, here are some FAQ's.

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