GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption

Adele was chosen by Janelle, and how has a sister, Patches!

Each finds her home with Amy and Michael!

Benelli, already loved by Gabriel & Mary Beth.

Whiskey, with his new family, Mas, Jennifer, and Miaka!

Gabrielle and her new boy, Manny.

Blitzen is already at home in bed with the Dippels!

Cal, right at home with


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Max was chosen to join Will & Rachel & their family! 

Peaches and her new family:

Tabitha, Daniel, Micach, and Luke.

Kapps was chosen!!! He's right at home with Larry & Melissa.

Chase is right at home with Brian, Karrie, and Chyna!

Forever Homes - Tampa

Rob Thomas at home with Sandy, Grant, and brother Red!

Scott, Evie, and Grandma

have fallen for Diva!

Andrenee with her new boy, Glennfrey, now Bones.

Guinness got 2 sisters with

his new parents, Vicki & Paul.

Janelle foster "fails" and decides to keep Patches!