Brassy is chosen to be little sister to Chase, who looks thrilled!

Hotpants, right at home with Greg, Brandy, Joshua, and Julie.

Ansel, now Yogi, is chosen by Kolby to be spoiled!

Janelle foster "fails" and decides to keep Patches!

Each finds her home with Amy and Michael!

Benelli, already loved by Gabriel & Mary Beth.

Blitzen is already at home in bed with the Dippels!

Rice, already at home with Brad and Sarah!

Chase is right at home with Brian, Karrie, and Chyna!

Signa, making herself right at home with Carol, Nicole, & Justin

Max was chosen to join Will & Rachel & their family! 

Forever Homes - Tampa

GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption

Adele was chosen by Janelle, and how has a sister, Patches!

Cal, right at home with


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Rob Thomas at home with Sandy, Grant, and brother Red!

Gabrielle and her new boy, Manny.