Sonny is right at home with

Gail & Kirk!

Madonna goes home with Diane, Michael, Aaron, and Quinn!

Forever Homes - Naples

Ann Meyers is chosen by Tom and Donn!

Big Daddy, now Biscuit, was chosen by John & Maryann

Frost hit the jackpot with her new mom, Didi!

Jeremy was looking for a female, but was chosen by Moby!

Nataliya & Volodymyr adopt Mr. Harley and Hollie!

Babs (L), fitting right in with Avigail, Bronzino, and MJ! 

Merrit, with her new boy, Max.

Congrats to Elizabeth & Max!

Hank found his forever home with Sarah!

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Jacosta convinced Mig & Cindy to foster fail!

Her Majesty, now Magic, at home with mom, Rickie 

Pat & Julie foster fail and decide to keep Missy, now Brandy.

Earl is chosen by Marcie

and Bill.

Behr has a new home with volunteer Cathy!

GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption