GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption

Blue Monkey - the best failure Nan will ever have! (Foster fail!)

Sonny is right at home with

Gail & Kirk!

Madonna goes home with Diane, Michael, Aaron, and Quinn!

Forever Homes - Naples

Ann Meyers is chosen by Tom and Donn!

Big Daddy, now Biscuit, was chosen by John & Maryann

Disc is one happy boy; he was chosen by Theresa.

Mig & Cindy foster fail (again) and decide to keep Kalisa!!

Nataliya & Volodymyr adopt Mr. Harley and Hollie!

Babs (L), fitting right in with Avigail, Bronzino, and MJ! 

Braille and Chris have chosen Clap to be theirs.

Hank found his forever home with Sarah!

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Jacosta convinced Mig & Cindy to foster fail!

Her Majesty, now Magic, at home with mom, Rickie 

Pat & Julie foster fail and decide to keep Missy, now Brandy.

Earl is chosen by Marcie

and Bill.