GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption

Behr has a new home with volunteer Cathy!

Sonny is right at home with

Gail & Kirk!

Madonna goes home with Diane, Michael, Aaron, and Quinn!

Forever Homes - Naples

Ann Meyers is chosen by Tom and Donn!

Pearl finds her pack with Paul & Mary.

Frost hit the jackpot with her new mom, Didi!

Jeremy was looking for a female, but was chosen by Moby!

Rye with her new family,

Miguel and Cindy

Babs (L), fitting right in with Avigail, Bronzino, and MJ! 

Merrit, with her new boy, Max.

Congrats to Elizabeth & Max!

Marlene & Ronnie choose

Pete as their boy!

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Jack is going home with Jonathan & Betty!

Her Majesty, now Magic, at home with mom, Rickie 

Kathyrn and her new boy,


Earl is chosen by Marcie

and Bill.