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Here is a list of supplies we recommend you have on hand for adoption day to help your new pet transition easily.

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If you still have questions about adoption, want more info about the greyhound breed, or are looking for resources, check out The Greyhound Project's website.

Greyhounds are bred for speed, health, intelligence, and sociability. This makes them excellent house pets. They are calm, odor free, indoor dogs that don't eat a lot, nor require extensive exercise. The greyhound is basically a quiet dog and will spend much of its time sleeping in the corner of a room, or if allowed, on a couch. They are happy to follow you around in the house and love to go on car rides. The breed’s gentle-loving personality makes it a compatible family member for those with children. However, like any other breed, children need to be supervised when the dog is sleeping or eating. Our Greyhounds are cat and small-dog tested. We will advise you as to which hound will work best with your family.

Most Greyhounds available to adopt are usually 2 to 5 years old and live to be 12-15 years old, barring any illness. Since racing Greyhounds are bred for health and speed, they are not predisposed to genetic disorders like blindness, deafness, hip dysplasia, etc. However, Greyhounds have thin skin, no undercoat, and little body fat to insulate themselves. Therefore, they need protection from heat and cold and because of this, they must be inside dogs.

Once you decide that you’re ready to adopt a Greyhound, you’ll fill out our Adoption Application, available at the bottom of this page. At that time, we will need to verify two main components of your application. If you rent, we will need written approval from your landlord that you are allowed to adopt. Additionally, if animals are currently in the home, we will check with your Veterinarian to ensure your pets are up to date on vaccines and are on heart-worm preventative.  Then, a home visit is required to finalize your approval and deliver your new pet. We want to make sure that you and your family understand the intricacies of the breed. For example, the adopter must agree that the hound is an indoor pet only, and cannot be left outside for long periods of time. A fenced yard is not required; however, the adopter must agree to have one or always walk the hound on a leash. Greyhounds are meant to be skinny; an overweight Greyhound is an unhealthy Greyhound. You should be able to see the last two to three ribs and feel their hip bones. Finally, Greyhounds are very schedule-oriented animals. Your new family member will adjust quicker and be happier if you get them on your home schedule as soon as possible. This includes feeding and letting them out at the same times daily. 

Greyhounds are sensitive dogs. They can become nervous or unhappy if there is tension in the home. Please make sure that all family members are in agreement that they want to adopt.  Furthermore, make sure that you have time to devote to your new family member, and that you are ready to make a lifetime commitment.

GST's adoption fee is $250.  This includes spay or neuter, shots, teeth cleaning, heart-worm check, microchip, martingale collar, leash, and muzzle.  The Senior Adoption fee is $150 for hounds over the age of 7.

Download this form to type in, save, and return via email.